Sadie Wheeler loves her job as an investigative reporter. Defending the little guy and getting justice for others is what makes her thrive. Plus, having her best friend, Tris, by her side is an added bonus, especially when their relationship is starting to get more serious. Yet just when Sadie feels like she has it all, her reality comes crashing down when her mom reveals a dark family secret.

Learning about her biological father is one bombshell, but discovering that he is not human is a whole other twist. And now that he’s been kidnapped, Sadie must choose to either walk away or use her investigative skills to find him and the other missing fae. With Tris by her side, the two embark on a journey that includes working with Wylen, a full-blooded fae, and discovering more about Tris’ heritage than they bargained for.

The halflings are after the fae, but Mac’s disappearance is part of a larger conspiracy. Unable to solve the mystery from the human world, Sadie makes a life-altering decision. With help from Wylen, Sadie travels into the land of the fae to find her real father, despite the damage it can do to her human side. Yet the queen has other plans for her, and while Sadie is allowed to leave with Mac, she’s forced to make a promise that may change her reality forever.

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